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Healing in Prison

The aim of this course is to provide men, women and youth who are incarcerated with a holistic approach towards self awareness through creative writing, meditation, yoga and group discussion. Qualitative research maintains that each of these components helps reduce depression and impulsive behaviors while increasing resilience to stressors.

It is expected that participants will gain tools to self regulate their nervous system through mindful movement and meditation, improve writing and public speaking skills, and offer each other insight and support during their incarceration, therefore fostering a safer environment.


Model v.1: 10 Sessions …. 90-150 minutes …. 8-11 participants

Model v.2 : 20 Sessions …. 90-150 minutes …. 8-11 participants

Fees include individualized preparation based on groups, facilitation of workshops, materials, travel, and accommodations.


An agent of change, a scholar with range.
The person I know with so much to show,
On topics from Peru to Angelou.
Balancing teaching and learning,
Not preaching a sermon,
A woman with a spirit so free
Enters this fortress of stone willingly,
Form the shoulders of giants,
You read us quotes of love or defiance,
In search of untapped potential,
Clearing rain clouds of down pours torrential.
An artist with a pension to write
Helped lead me to my furthest insight.
You’ve been the north star in the sky we call UCJ,
Softening hard spirits with ideas of wet towel on stiff clay.
Now that I’m leaving you got me on some, “Na, Imma stay.
— Sean 2017
Ms. Gooch’s class is one of the most amazing classes I’ve ever attended my life. In the last month I’ve learned so much, not only about others but about myself. I learned how to express my feelings through writing and leave the angry outbursts behind. I also learned how to find my inner and higher self through the yoga lessons.
— F.R. 2018
Some people come to jail wanting to change their lives but don’t know where to start. This class gives you a place to begin
— T. 2018
I couldn’t have picked a more equipped instructor for my first Creative Writing course. Leah was not only able to handle our rag tag group of misfits, she genuinely enriched all of our lives. Her good natured soul radiates through every word and her incorporation of yoga and meditation was a refreshing concept which certainly added to the experience.
— Sean 2018
I will greatly miss having dedicated time each week with my classmates to have meaningful discussions and enjoy the escape it brought.
— M. 2017
This class had a small piece of our day doing something constructive in a positive way, learning new things and meeting goals. The homework make us focus on the challenges we face. I pray that this program becomes an official class within the system. It’s very positive.
— V. 2018
Her energy exuberant and radiates through / A far cry from scared or shy she proved / One dream in mind, that’s to help a few / Misconstructed people that’ve fallen through
Society’s floodgates down into hell / Locked in a cage, trapped inside cells / Strong on the outside, her poise filled with grace / She teaches us writing and yoga’s good taste.
She walked in a room to say her goodbye’s / In my heart, I let out a cry / ‘Cause since the day she first came through / Nine months of pain turned into one month of proof / In a world full of devils and wicked despair / There are still angels and people who care.
— J. 2017

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