I contacted Leah because I was experiencing severe hip and lower back pain. At first I believed I could not move much because of my pain but the first simple class relieved 70 percent of the problem I had been living with for a week. Leah classes intensified daily at a comfortable yet challenging pace.
— John

As a fast-growing tech company, we always operate in a fast-paced environment. Having Leah as our in-house yoga teacher on Wednesday mornings has had an incredible impact on our general feeling of relaxation and satisfaction!
— Ruben Visser, Mindvibe

I met Leah while traveling in Medellin, Colombia. I was looking for a Yoga instructor to do one on one sessions and am very glad we connected. She’s very knowledgable of her practice and very passionate about making sure you’re engaged during the Yoga class. I would highly recommend reaching out to her for a fantastic Yoga experience.
— Craig
The first time I took Leah’s class was coincidentally the first time she’d ever taught Yin, much to my surprise. As a Yin teacher, I found her class simply spectacular. Physically, I felt as if a jar of coconut oil had been released upon each of my joints. I felt challenged during the class yet centered after. Her added Reiki bonus makes each class worth its weight in gold. It has truly been an honor to watch her progress and develop as a teacher. She has tapped into her inner flow and successfully managed to translate it not only to different languages, but different demographics, making her classes suitable for everyone.
— Samantha
I am very happy to say that I am feeling better than ever. I am grateful to myself for making the daily commitment to get this far and forever thankful to Leah for leading me down this wonderful path and restoring my mobility.
— Sara