If I really want to learn something, I teach it to someone else. If I want to understand why it is important, I teach it to a child. 


teaching art to kids

1. Set up a safe and inviting environment

2. Teach students about an artist[s] including the history, culture, and major influences 

3. Teach a skill 

4. Ask an essential question that prompts internal reflection and the need to solve a problem 

5. Give them time and space to enter the state of flow, self reflection and sharing 


teaching yoga to children

1. Assess physical ability of children

2. Lead children through a breathing exercises and guided meditation that serves as the foundation of the class. 

3. Use rhyming phrases, music, story telling, repetition and props to support children's understanding of the movements.  

4. Reflect on the physical and mental experience.   

kids meditating.jpg

teaching mindfulness to children 

Videos and information coming.